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Palo Santo Hydrosol


Renew and reawaken to the core of your true beauty with Palo Santo. This “holy wood” has been used in the cleansing rituals of Central & South American peoples for hundreds of years. Become encircled by notes of bright citrus, rich vanilla and resinous wood. Mist during yoga or spiritual practice for grounding, enhancing creativity, elevating mood & stimulating the mind. Physically, Palo Santo is uplifting, being known to help relieve headaches, anxiety, depression and emotional blockages. This sacred mist is antioxidant-rich, purifying, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial, strengthening the skin as it hydrates and energizes tired muscles.

Our careful sourcing is in support of responsible and ethical practices, coming from protected forest reserves in northern Ecuador. Over the past decade+, our source of this holy wood has planted thousands of trees along with putting extensive reforestation efforts in place, ensuring abundance and job security for future generations. Thanks to Ecuador’s conservation laws, it is also illegal to cut down any living Palo Santo tree. Thus, in part to falling trees and annual storm patterns in South America, the wood must lay and age on the forest floor for over a decade while the oils and resins cure before harvest takes place. While the tree is being respected in this way, this long and patient process also leads to a more potent and resinous heartwood once distilled. When harvested ethically and sustainably, this ensures harmony between human and nature, providing jobs and livelihood to the South American communities involved and further forest growth for the future.

Best Use: Mist liberally onto body or atmosphere. Notice how your energy shifts. If using on the face, mist your Hydrosol until saturated, and pat for ample hydration. For added moisture morning and night, follow by gently massaging a nourishing facial oil into the skin, and finish with another mist of your Hydrosol to lock in moisture. Your daily use restores the skin’s natural PH balance as it peacefully grounds you.

Wildcare recommends the Lemon Light Hydrosol as a harmonious, uplifting sister spray to the Palo Santo Hydrosol.

Ingredients: 100% steam & hydro distillation of ethically sourced, Ecuadorean Palo Santo Wood (Bursera graveolens)

2oz , Amber glass bottle

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