Kelly+Jones Blends


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Be a scent sommelier. Blends are pure perfume oils to wear individually or layer to create a custom scent. Inspired by the aromas found in wine- Floral, Fruit, Oak and Earth. Collect them all for your very own fragrance library.

Oak notes: Carmel | Burnt | Toast | Butterscotch | Oak | Smoky Woods. 

Fruit notes: green apple | mango flower | orchard fruits | raspberry leaf | fig

Earth notes: saffron | vetiver | dusty earth | mushroom | white peppercorn

Floral notes: orange blossom | rose | violet | geranium 

Glass bottle with silver roll on applicator, contains no alcohol; simply fragrance and essential oils in fractionated coconut oil base. Hand poured 6.0 ml/ .2fl oz

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