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Empress Cypress Hydrosol


Empress Cypress Hydrosol withstands the extremes. It grows between rocks, high on mountain tops, and low along water, all the while surviving the harsh coastal winds and shifting temperatures in elegant stature. The surrounding environmental intensity determines this tree’s shape. Contrapposto, like a graceful sculpture upon a cliff, it stands slanted, with a deep rooted stability. Monterey Cypress grows prominently on the California and Oregon Coasts. Its mist cools like a shadow yet feels warm like a wooded sauna, with notes of smoke, evergreen, and cool mint.

Mist your Empress Cypress Hydrosol to support seasonal and environmental skin imbalances, as an aftershave to soothe and minimize bleeding from minor cuts and scrapes, and simply as an anti-inflammatory tonic for irritable skin that experiences acne, fatigue, and rashes. Stand strong in the extremes.

Wilcare recommends the Purple Majesty Lavender Hydrosol as a harmonious sister spray to the Empress Cypress Hydrosol.


Best Use: Mist your Hydrosol onto clean face or hands until saturated, and pat for ample hydration. For added moisture morning and night, follow by gently massaging a nourishing facial oil into the skin, and finish with another mist of your Hydrosol to lock in moisture. Your daily consistent use restores the skin’s natural PH balance.

Ingredients: 100% steam distillation of ethically foraged Monterey Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa)

2oz , Amber glass bottle


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