Our Products + Our Promise

We have taken the time to research the products and brands we have in our boutique and online. Making sure they meet our standards of being handmade, effortless, organic + natural, and non-toxic. Along with the qualities listed above, our products are fresh to our area or hard to find. Giving you the opportunity to experience something new in an intimate space with licensed professionals to help answer questions about skin, makeup, etc.

Since our stores' focus is being 'seasonally curated', our products will be rotating out every four or so months. Please note that some brands may or may not become a staple brands with us. Meaning once they sell out, they might not be back. This allows us to bring in more brands, and keep things fresh.  


E A R T H  - F R I E N D L Y    P R A C T I C E S 

We truly believe in helping the environment as best as we can. We have found ways to diminish waste by doing only email receipts, using glass instead of plastic, and having reusable bags as our shopping bags.

G I V I N G   B A C K

We are currently in the process of giving back to our community through a charity. If you'd like to be apart, or have us be apart of your charity, contact us.

P R O D U C T   E X P O S U R E 

If you have a product that meets our standards, we'd love to house you in the boutique and online. Feel free to stop by or contact us.