Looking to further your education or just learn a fun new skill? We have what you're looking for. We offer classes for licensed professionals with training in Elleebana Lash Lifts, Microblading, Lash Extensions, etc., and coming soon, classes for non-professionals like Macrame to Watercolor. Stay updated with future classes by following us on Instagram or by checking our calendar.



Our newly expanded space offers you a place to teach your passion. Whether it's Macrame to Microblading, we are always looking for new and exciting classes to fill our calendar. We cater to anything Beauty, Wellness, and Lifestyle related, but are open to any type of submissions. We can even help find you students.



All our products have been thought out for you and the lifestyle you live or want to live. Effortless, handmade, free from parabens & sulfates, all natural & organic, and non-toxic. And as an Official Elleebana Distributor, we stock + carry all Elleebana products that are available in-store and online for your convenience.