Yvette Mendoza Owner Of POP Society

How We Came About

Pop Society was founded on my love of clean beauty. As a Licensed Esthetician since 2006

We were just about to kick off Fall of 2015, when the year took a sudden change for the unknown. My son was turning 4. My beauty salon had just turned 3 and my little family and I were determined to not let everyones bad year become ours. But there was something about that year. My husband had been a stay at home dad for a couple years by that point and with that he was able to see his dream of becoming a barber and hopefully own his own shop some day. I should have noticed he had start to loose weight. I chocked it up to him trying to tone up. It's clear now that he had kept me in the dark in order to keep me from worrying. He began to look tired along with his energy and appetite depleting. Somewhere between me planning my son's birthday party and running my salon he had made an appointment for himself. One that would tell he once and for all.

The day of the party he pulled me aside and almost so matter a factly  he was worried. "Worried about what Iziah?" He proceed to tell me he had missed a call from an oncologist. That they wanted him to call first thing and make his appointment. "Appointment for what?" I was so confused. What had I missed? He opened up telling me his symptoms and that blood had been taken for testing. "So this has to be some mistake, your Dr. hasn't even called you. Well were we wrong. Not only was there something wrong, his own Dr. didn't even get to give him the news, before Chemo/Radiation was trying to get him to come in. Not even 30 years of age and we were dealing with stage 2 Hotchkins Lymphoma